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Mechanical Training

Welding Inspection (AWS/CSWIP)

The course will serve as a sound Preparatory Classes/refresher classes in welding inspection(CSWIP, AWS), particularly for practicing welding inspectors and anyone aspiring to be a Certified Welding Inspector / Senior Certified Welding Inspector. The main emphasis is on what a professional welding inspector should know in actual practice. Course participants will undergo a rigorous programme to get them well versed with the codes/standards in use, the fundamentals of welding inspectors, and actual hands-on examinations of weld replicas with various inspection tools.

The training programs offered by CORE is hugely useful to the engineers who are at least one year of experience at the field level. The qualified person can be rest assured of quick career growth with growth in salary. On completion of advanced certifications, the student will become a specialized and technically qualified engineer and commands good demand in job market.

Our well experienced faculty will demonstrate and analyze the role of welding inspector during this module. The student is trained as per standards of AWS-CWI in this course.

Who Should Attend
  • All personnel whose responsibilities are in making decision, exercising of judgments concerning welding operations in the following industries.
  • Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Power Stations, Ship Building/Ship Repair and Construction, Offshore Fabrication, Railways, Service and Maintenance and Metal Fabrication.
  • And also the participants for International Certificate Examinations Like CSWIP 3.1, CSWIP 3.2, AWS-CWI, AWS SCWI, for Welding Inspector / Senior Welding Inspector may also take this Intensive Training Program which could craft themselves to pass the International Examinations which are quiet tough when attended without any prior preparation.
Roles & responsibilities
  • Check the availability of the latest codes /specifications to be used for construction and familiarization of the same
  • Check the welding process as per the WPS and review calibration certificates of all the relevant equipment.
  • Review the welder qualification test reports/qualify the welders.
  • Check the preheating temperature as per WPS
  • Check the welding parameters like amperage voltage travel speed etc.
  • The role of the welding inspector is critical to the safety and structural soundness of the vast number of buildings, vehicles, machinery and consumer products that require strong, secure welds.
Program process of training

Theoretical: Theory part of the process is explained to the student by making reference to the standard text books on the subject matter. We take extensive care in presenting the subject in a lucid manner in simple and straight words. Student is put to ease as we use a combination of English and local languages as medium of teaching.

Industrial visit: We take the student on tour to the industrial unit to let him have a feel of his future job situation. We strongly believe in the adage “seeing is learning”. When the student observes the process and behaviour of the work force, he gains confidence and psychologically prepares himself to face the demands of his prospective job.

Internship: This is the prelude to the real job. Student is provided with an opportunity with on job training. The student actually executes the job under the direct supervision of the seasoned technician at the Unit. If the management of the Unit where the student is given internship satisfies with the performance of the student, he stands every chance to get absorbed there as a regular employee.


After passing the examination certification will be sent by AMERICAN WELDING SOCIETY as a CERTIFIED WELDING INSPECTOR.

Course highlights
  • Exam oriented theoretical teaching.
  • Training given by experienced faculty.
  • Care and caution to ensure that all our students successfully pass the examination.
  • Enlightening Industrial visits.
  • Participation certificate will be provided.
  • Simple presentation of the subject in theory class.
  • State of art digital training with high class infrastructure.
  • Medium of communication is combination of English and local language.

Certifying Bodies Training Seminars only do the one line briefing for a detailed study for Clearing the Examination each candidate is recommended to opt for a Detailed Preparatory Classes prior to AWS/CSWIP Seminar.

We have almost 98.5 % Passing Rate in all our Preparatory Programs conducted till date, which could highlight our expertise in Course Content and Training Methodology.

Course Content
  • The duties and responsibilities of a welding inspector
  • Fusion welding processes
  • Typical weld defects
  • Types of steel
  • Carbon manganese
  • Low-alloy and stainless steels
  • Hardening of steels
  • Weld ability
  • Heat treatment
  • Parent metal defects
  • Visual inspection
  • Testing parent metals and welds
  • Destructive tests
  • NDT techniques
  • Welder and procedure approval
  • Codes and standards
  • Outline of safe working practices
  • Practice in examination questions
  • Continuous and end-of-course assessment.

In addition, candidates meeting the CSWIP requirements for eligibility complete the relevant CSWIP examination.

Course Objectives
  • To understand factors which influence the quality of fusion welds in steels
  • To recognize characteristics of commonly used welding processes in relation to quality control
  • To interpret drawing instructions and symbols to ensure that specifications are met
  • To set up and report on inspection of welds, macro sections and other mechanical tests
  • To assess and report on welds to acceptance levels
  • To confirm that incoming material meets stipulated requirements and recognize the effects on weld quality of departure from specification
  • To be in position to pass the Welding Inspector- Level 2 examination