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Civil Training

Civil Quality Control / Quality Analyst

The QA/QC is an integral part of any construction project as it ensures proper quality of the materials, methods of execution, maintains guidelines of Indian standards and makes sure work progresses according to it.

A Quality Controller (QA/QC) Career in Civil Engineering is both challenging and rewarding. Help build the next skyscraper, bridge or highway and create structures that stand the test of time. Learn more about how to become a civil engineer here. Civil engineers’ work has a direct and powerful impact on the lives of people, each and every day.

Well designed and executed projects provide services to the community, while ensuring safety for everyone. Of course, the opposite is true, in that poorly designed and executed projects can create a high risk to the community, and even cause disasters which can cost many lives.

Generally medium to large scale construction projects have a dedicated QA/QC department consisting of QA/QC engineers who are responsible for the quality of construction at site.

In Construction industry Quality is the performance of the tasks which ensure that construction is performed according to plans and specifications, on time, within a defined budget, and a safe work environment.

Quality in Construction shouldn’t be only about taking concrete cubes, opening / closing NCRs or adding paperwork and bureaucracy for the already busy engineers on site.

It should be about proper planning, budgeting, risk analysis and building excellent relationships with the Client’s representatives on a daily basis.

Course Content:
  • Roles and Responsibilities of QA/QC Engineer Civil
  • Introduction to ISO 9001; ISO 9004; ISO 14000; ISO 19011
  • International Codes and Standards
  • Drawings and Abbreviations
  • Excavation and Backfilling
  • Construction of Asphalt Concrete paving
  • Concreting works
  • Pre stressed Concrete- Bridge Girders
  • Concrete Trial Mix Test, Concrete Compressive Strength Test, Compaction(Density) Test
  • Civil NDT (UPV; Rebar Locator, Rebound Hammer Test, Core Cutting)
  • Receiving Inspection, In-Process Inspection & Final Inspection/Material Specification
  • Control of Nonconforming of item/products
  • Calibration of monitoring & Measuring Equipment
  • Preparation of QCP
  • Preparation of Inspection Test Plans-ITP
  • Preparation of QC Procedures
  • Final QA/QC Documentation/QC Dossiers
Eligibility Requirements

Any Candidate who is having a qualification of M-Tech/ME, BE/B-Tech, Diploma, ITI in CIVIL Engineering etc. may enrol for this training & certification program.

Candidates waiting for final semester results and who all have to attend supplementary examinations may also apply & Join for the Training & Certification Program.