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About Us

Welcome to Core Training & Engineering Services

CORE provides state-of-the-art nondestructive testing, consultancy, inspection, training, engineering and welding inspection services delivered through over 10 locations throughout India and expanding our global footprint.

Our brand name is internationally recognized top rated in North India providing world-class services in the field of Traditional NDT and Advance NDT Testing, Training, Inspection and Consultancy Services headquartered at Delhi, India.

Core Training & Engineering Services providing job oriented training in specialized fields like in the oil and gas, pipeline, piping, aerospace, automobile, defence, railways, renewable and non-renewable power, civil infrastructure, and manufacturing industries.

Top-rated Institute for QA/QC, Oil and Gas, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical related Online Courses from Experts. Try our e-learning courses for, QA/QC and Safety Courses at any level and available worldwide. Our Core Blended Online Training Programme covers all South Africa, Asian countries and Middle East such as Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, UAE, Yemen and many more.

Core Training & Engineering Services is equipped with World class NDT for Ultrasonic testing-UT testing, Radiography testing X-ray and Gamma Ray testing – Atomic Energy Regulatory Board(AERB), Eddy Current testing, Magnetic particle inspection-MPI testing, Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant testing-FPI testing, Visual Testing of Weld joints, Eddy Current material sorting, Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Ultrasonic thickness gauging, Residual Life Assessment of Boiler components, pipelines, tubes, chimneys and in-service inspection of plants and structures.

Welding excellence centre established to provide professional services on preparation of WPS, PQR to qualify and certify welders to International Standards, welding processes, International Welding Engineer IWE, International Welding Technologist IWT services, consulting on ISO3834 and EN15085 international standards, Welding Inspection Services, training of trainers in welding, training of Welders and certification, and organizing International welding training courses.

Numerous industry guidelines require the oversight of a Level 3 in both NDT Method Training and the development of internal NDT programs. As an alternative to adding an In-House Level 3 to your staff, CORE Training allows you to utilize our knowledge base and experience on a consulting or “as needed” basis. Non-Destructive Testing Level 3 also known as ASNT Level 3 is one of the high levels of certification that the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) offers.

Hands-On Experience

At CORE, our primary focus is making sure that each engineer we train is fully prepared to head into the workforce. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by making sure that each of our students has ample hands-on experience in our classes.

When taking a course through CORE, don’t expect to listen to a talking head and take notes for hours. We take an active approach to educating all of our students and encourage all prospective technicians to take an active role in their own learning.

The hands-on experience you will get in our course with CORE is the hallmark of every top mechanical/civil trainings school.

Center of Excellence - Inspection & Consultancy

Core’s Center of Excellence are part of our resources, knowledge and support network.
Our Center of Excellence experts integrate specially offer technical support for specific industries, assets, and solutions.

  • 1. Quality Training: Core Training is one among leading top rated institute in North India, with extensive resources, knowledge and qualified professionals. It offers a broad range of training and certification programs to meet today’s industrial need. We mold our candidates with vigorous training methods with theoretical, practical and on job training. Broaden the vast career opportunities in India and abroad.
  • 2. Welding Inspection: CORE provide Welding Certifications and welding tickets throughout INDIA.​ In addition to welder certifications, we offer procedure qualification record (PQR) and the development of weld procedure specification (WPS). This is for all welders requiring testing to weld procedures under the applicable welding standard.​ We specialise in providing welder qualifications and welding tickets for the welding of materials under all relevant standards. These include but are not limited to: ISO 9606– all parts, ASME Sec IX and so on.
  • 3. Pipeline: Serving as a leading pipeline inspection service provider, Core has an extensive range of NDT examination and monitoring solutions to ensure safety and reliability of the pipelines. CORE keeps both your new construction and mature pipeline networks streaming smoothly with a full range inspection, engineering, monitoring, and integrated solutions.
  • 4. Powerplants: Core has an extensive range of NDE examination and monitoring solutions to ensure safety and reliability. Core has been providing services to various thermal power plants inspection, maintenance and major component replacement projects for decades. We also provide Residual Life Assessment to the major Oil & Gas Industry.
  • 5. Tank Inspection: CORE supports our clients with high-quality storage tank inspection, engineering, maintenance, RLA, expertise, as preventing corrosion, cracking, and leaking in refinery storage tanks is crucial for plant productivity, safety, and compliance.
  • 6. Tube Inspection: CORE provides comprehensive inspection programs consisting of multiple tube inspection techniques, used to determine the integrity of heat exchanger tube bundles. Our extensive experience in heat exchanger inspection provides the assurance that components are properly evaluated to detect damage or defects, thereby ensuring that tube bundles are safe to remain in operation.