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Welder Qualification Test

Welding inspection is carried out by our AWS-CWI certified welding.Inspectors with vast experience in the field of welding and visual Inspection. The range of services includes generation of Procedures ( WPS ) Qualification ( PQR ) and Welder’s Qualification test ( WQT )

The welding inspectors at Core Training & Engineering Services provide Welding Certifications and welding tickets throughout India.
In addition to welder certifications, we offer procedure qualification record (PQR) and the development of weld procedure specification (WPS). This is for all welders requiring testing to weld procedures under the applicable welding standard.
We specialise in providing welder qualifications and welding tickets for the welding of materials under all relevant standards. These include but are not limited to: ISO 9606 – all parts, AWS-all parts, ENISO15614; ASME IX and so on.


The two most common welder qualification standards are primarily ASME Sec IX and ISO 9606-1. Both these standards provide welder qualifications for the welding of carbon steel (mild steel), low and high alloy steels.
Weld Procedure Specification
A Weld Procedure Specification (WPS) is a documented instruction to welding personnel. This documented instruction provides guidance on how to make a weld defect free.
Welding is an imperfect process. Therefore, it is mandatory under most welding standards that a Weld Procedure Specification (WPS) be produced. Welding personnel must also be qualified before welding work begin. The welders must be qualified on a production piece that must comply with a standard.
The WPS is developed from a Procedure Qualification Record (PQR). A test piece is welded, during which all welding parameters and essential variables are recorded. Upon compliance of the test piece, the WPS is then produced. The PQR then serves as a record of the original test and the testing carried out. This proves the integrity of the weld.

Welding Inspection @ ASME Section IX

Here are some important points in the ASME Section IX that are necessary to be taken in account for any welding inspection company that conducts welding inspection on fix equipment, process and power piping and above ground storage tank.

  • A WPS is a written document that provides direction to the welder or welding operator for making production weld in accordance code requirement. It must be check by welding Inspection Company.
  • The PQR documents what occurred during welding the test coupon and the result of testing of the coupon. It must be checked by welding inspection company.
  • Procedure qualifications give suitability of weld for required mechanical properties (i.e., strength, ductility), while performance qualifications show the ability of the welder to deposit sound weld. This must be checked by welding inspection company.
  • Each manufacturer or contractor shall maintain a record of the result obtained in welding procedure and welder/operator performance qualifications. The records shall be certified by manufacturer or contractor and accessible to the authorized inspector
  • Tension test gives tensile value, while bend test shows ductility and soundness. Radiography also indicates soundness.
  • Thus, Procedure Qualification: Tension test + Bend test
  • Performance Qualification: Bend test or Radiography

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